Last week, Computer Troubleshooters had a tale of two CHARITIES.

Local charities have chosen Computer Troubleshooters as their go-to IT support company for some time now, and we have developed considerable expertise in this niche.  An added bonus is our knowledge of the discounts which are available to not-for-profit organisations.  

The week started with a request from a small national charity to sort out their Sharepoint – this thorny issue was sorted within an hour; one happy customer.

The week ended with a university organisation saying YES to a full-service plan with us.  The head office team has taken the post-lockdown decision to give up their physical office and continue to work remotely from home going forward.  As the physical office houses a server, plans need to be put in place to decommission this computer and transfer the data to the cloud, allowing it to be securely accessed by the remote team.

In the spirit of the age, all the meetings and support work took place remotely, with no face-to-face in-person meetings required.  There’s definitely been a trend towards charity teams no longer being based in a physical office, and remote support works exceedingly well for the majority of issues.

Hopefully, these charities will agree with the sentiments of the closing lines of A Tale Of Two Cities:

It is a far, far better thing that I do than I have ever done

Do a far, far better thing for your charity today: call Computer Troubleshooters